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Welcome to Le Yoga website.   Should you require more specific information or just want to chat about your needs at any point please contact me in the way that is most convenient to you.  The Real Goal of Yoga is Happiness You may think that your happiness comes from outside of yourself, from some object you have acquired or a goal you have achieved.  But through the practice of yoga, you begin to understand that your happiness stems from the stillness that comes when your mind is free.  Happiness lies within you.  Yoga can provide you with the techniques for your search.   Instructor:  Raymonde Worsfold, LeYoga Contact info:  604-886-2391 Email: raymonde@leyoga.com, www.leyoga.com
Transform Your Self Gibsons, Sunshine Coast, BC.
Raymonde Worsfold Registered Yoga Teacher (500 RYT), Yoga For The Special Child Practioner YogaKids Teacher Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.
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